Excellent courses

Quality courses taught in American English based on the Canadian and American teaching systems. Our courses are designed to help students improve their listening, speaking, reading, writing and grammar. Students will become proficient in and use English to enable them to achieve better grades in North American courses. Our excellent courses will help students build bridges to the world’s top learning institutions

Exciting activities

The school will organize a new engaging event every month, enriching the students after school life, and introducing them to life as an adult. These will include public speaking contests, comedy performances, baking contests, photography day, etc. We invite you to join our monthly event!

Study plan

Our teachers will guide students to formulate their long-term study plan. Whether in primary school, junior high school or high school stage, both at home and abroad, the whole process to guide students to ascend to elite education, targeted to help students fully rise to meet the challenges of the elite admission. The education consultants provide a comprehensive analysis of the admissions, based on their background expertise, ambition, current development and future vision for their tailor-made development planning blueprint, by our star consultants and professional team to provide targeted high-end education advisory services.


Hongfeng education summer camping activities

Follow Erik’s footsteps in exploring the grandeur of nature and learn the local camping culture of Canada. Activity time:June 26-28 Event schedule:1. Hiking hiking 2. Swimming 3. Tent 4. Rafting 5. Outdoor barbecue 6. Bonfire activities Cost:$ 350 / person, parents can follow (subject to additional charges) Lead teacher:Erik, Jane and other staff Each student […]

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