R.L. Education Company Introductions

R.L. Education is an independent tutoring centre for gifted students from preschool to graduate student. The company was founded in 2014 as a pioneering education consulting company that offer exclusive membership and special training programs.

R.L. strives to help young people achieve their potential not only intellectually, but also artistically, athletically, and morally, so that they may lead responsible and fulfilling lives.

We are a small cooperative academy, dedicated to helping learners of all ages and abilities to reach their full potential. We teach a wide range of courses, designed to help create well rounded citizens with a rich understanding of and love for the world around them. All of our course are developed right here in Richmond by our expert team of teachers, and they therefore reflect the needs and interests of the local community.

Over the past two years, we here at the R.L. academy have worked hard to provide an exceptionally high level of education to our students by researching and creating resources designed to support their specific needs. Presently, we offer public speaking, ESL/ELL, reading, debating,writing, math, SAT, drama, French, golf, and creative writing classes. We select all of our teachers very carefully, ensuring that our classes are taught by only the best educated, most talented, and most experienced teachers available. Every one of our teachers have extensive experience and cutting edge knowledge of the most recent pedagogical research.

At R.L. Education, we know that it is essential that students not only receive academic support, but that they also feel cared for and comfortable, and, above all, that they have fun while they learn. Our energetic teaching team works indefatigably to ensure that lessons are fun and engaging, and that students explore academia and their local word in ways which speak to them. Both students and parents have developed long lasting friendships and networks here at R.L. Education. Through our special events and our encouragement of each student’s skills and interests we have created a strong sense of community within the school.